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About Us

Teacher and Student

About Us

E4 Enrichment is a family of dedicated, hardworking, educators who are passionate about learning. This passion is the driving force behind the creation of our tutoring platform. We've designed both in-person and web-based learning environments where everyone has access to knowledge and learning at an affordable price.


E4 Enrichment was founded during one of the most devastating times in American history. COVID 19 changed our world in unimaginable ways. The student could no longer see the teacher's smile of approval and, isolation became protocol.  As educators, we saw a major shift in how we taught and connected with our students. In response to the growing need for non-traditional learning, we decided to create a web-based tutoring platform to support all who want to grow in knowledge and self-discovery.  Regardless of today’s growing dependence on technology, we will continue to make the human connections that we are all meant to have.


E4 Enrichment online tutoring is a low-cost support service that offers live small group or one-on-one support (your choice).  Our services cover a span of areas from academics to self-enrichment. The student communicates and interacts with his/her tutor using a flexible schedule and engaging lessons.

We welcome you to explore our site and see all the learning opportunities we offer.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


The E4 Enrichment Team

E4 Enrichment’s mission is to stay true to what we value most - Our Students
We’re committed to providing quality education and support through affordable tutorial services

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